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Best Hoverboards for Teenagers in 2019

Hoverboards are best for teenagers to release their energy in some productive way. This article will present reviews about best hoverboards for teenagers. They would give fast, smooth and comfortable experience to the rider. On the other hand, the best hoverboards for teenagers are available in different types, colors and shapes. Educated parents concern about personality development of their children. So they look forward to some best hoverboards for teenagers to invest their kid’s time in the best possible way. I could not think of compromising on quality and service of hoverboards for my kid if I am paying a handsome amount of money. Therefore, you should also not do this. Reading different online reviews, guides and online information is the best way to choose suitable, durable and best hoverboards for teenagers. Hoverboards are handy to elicit boredom for kids and teenagers after study hours.

So, are you looking for best hoverboards for teenagers kids? I have compiled a guide which would help you while selecting the best hoverboard for your teenager.

As a protective parent myself, I look for best hoverboards for my teenager because a child’s safety comes first. For a safety perspective, I have gone through and picked out the best hoverboards available in the market.

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Guide about best hoverboards for teenagers:

Hoverboards are famous among kids, teenagers and adults alike because they are ‘cool things.’ Hence, the hoverboards have been modified with time from a two-wheeler to a more technologically modified sports product. So let’s talk about all the hoverboards currently available for purchase or expected to be launched.

One Wheel Hoverboard:

The one-wheel hoverboards have one wheel adjusted in between the hoverboard. The rider can lean backward and forward allowing for acceleration or deceleration. This unique hoverboard can give unique experience by traveling up to 15 MPH.

Choose this hoverboard when your kid is mature to handle it in comparison to the self-balancing hoverboards. You can find a variety of single wheel best hoverboards for teenagers in the market.

Two Wheel or Self-balancing Hoverboards:

The Two-Wheel hoverboards are self-balanced with a board on which the rider stands and controls the movements. It has no handles or stands to hold, but the rider needs to learn how to maintain his balance.

Real Hoverboards:

Real hoverboards are meant for the mature rider because they can actually hover off the ground. It has made up with special technologies like electromagnetic technology. These are very expensive hoverboards; however, they are not available in the market quite easily. Some real hoverboards like Zapata Racing Flyboard are propelled by jet fuel, and they are far from the self-balancing hoverboards or scooters.

Colors for hoverboards:

The best hoverboards for teenagers are available in amazing colors which will suit best for your teenagers including blue, black, pink, galaxy, green, purple and red etc.

Best Hoverboards for Teenagers:

Kids often talk about the best hoverboards for teenagers, but they would be able to run a hoverboard according to their skill level and age.


The following reviews would help you to pick the most suitable hoverboard for your teenager as I have done!

Segway MiniLite Hoverboard:

Segway MiniLite is a child-friendly hoverboard which will give your teenager a premium experience. It is one amongst the best hoverboards for teenagers because of it affordable, convenient and agreeable. It is up to the mark as it has good quality and powerful features. So you will, definitely, get something out of the ordinary.

Features of Segway MiniLite Hoverboard:


It is lightweight and weighs 24.6 pounds only, and it requires only one lithium battery.

Unique TOMOLOO design:

This hoverboard has perfect TOMOLOO module designed after Fire Kylin. It gives the child a feeling of moving ahead fearlessly and aggressively.

UL2272 certified:

The Segway Minilite is UL2272 certified. It is up to all the U.S safety regulations like high-temperature resistance, fire resistance etc.

Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker & RGB LED:

This is included among best hoverboards for teenagers because of the RGB LED. It will give your child a fun and pleasurable experience as the color and music will change with movement.

Self-balancing Technology:

Segway MiniLite has the self-balancing technology, professional gyroscopes technology, and acceleration sensors. It will give the rider a smooth, fast and stable riding experience. I feel you can confidently choose this self-balance technology hoverboard to ensure safety.


Durability makes the hoverboard a reliable and one amongst best hoverboards for teenagers.

  • The Segway MiniLite has a smooth ride.
  • Its quality is up-to mark.
  • It’s comfortable and safe for many of the riders.
  • Stability and durability is part of the Segway MiniLite hoverboard.
  • There is no locking mechanism, which can be problematic.
  • The price of Segway MiniLite would range from inexpensive to expensive.

Anxinke Professional Cool Sports Hoverboard:

This hoverboard would give brilliant riding experience with its smartly balanced hoverboard. It has two foldable and adjustable wheels which will give high-performance passing through bumpy roads and rough pavement.

Features of Anxinke Professional Cool Sports Hoverboard:

This is best hoverboards for teenagers because of the following features:

Double pedal:

This hoverboard has the double pedal to provide balance. These pedals are covered with cloth which provides safety to the rider.

Balanced wheels:

The passionate rider can enjoy the ride as it has 6.5/8/ 10-inch balanced wheels. It gives the riders full control over the hoverboard while driving.

High Resistance plastic clamp:

It enables the hoverboard to stay protected from scratches.

  • This is a comfortable hoverboard with comfortable and wider seat.
  • It gives smooth riding experience because it is easy to mount.
  • Anxinke Professional Cool Sport is controlled by the hand lever.
  • The adjustable frame is suitable for kids, teenagers, and adults.
  • The balance of technology is another advantage.
  • You can feel dissatisfaction from the battery timing of this hoverboard.

HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard, Garnet:

If you want to get a durable hoverboard, you are welcome to buy HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard, Garnet. It is an exceptionally good quality product which will give your teenage kid an amazing experience. Parents want the satisfaction that they are buying something good for their kid, and you will feel satisfied with your choice after purchasing this hoverboard.

Features of HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard:

Again, coming up to some of the useful features of the HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard, I will discuss the following:

Double berry layer protection:

The double berry layer will provide safety and protection while riding a hoverboard.


This hoverboard is fireproof so it will keep your child safe and protected from the problems while traveling.

Fast Speed:

The hoverboard has the capacity to travel the distance up to 11 miles in a speed of up to 8 mph.

Easy Management:

This hoverboard is easy in its management as the rider can have access to the view information system.

Android and IOS App:

You can change the riding mode anytime because of the Android and IOS app, and check the battery life; hence, the teenagers can have confidence that they can manage all the systems.

Music system:

It has the built Bluetooth speakers so they can enjoy playing music while riding with friends, going to class etc.

Durable Armor:

This hoverboard has a very amazing technology of the XLS balance scooter.

Ul2272 certified:

It has passed the stringent Ul2272 tests with ease; and, it is safe to ride and drive.

  • It has effortless control and safe drive.
  • LED movement indicators will shine paths
  • It is lightweight
  • It has portable axles using the carrying strap.
  • It can give some battery issues.
  • It can break down if roughly used.

HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard (Blue):

This is of the best hoverboard for teenagers because of its swift blue color and good quality. Its blue color is appealing and attractive to teenagers.

Features of the HOVERZON XLS Self Balancing Hoverboard (Blue):

This hoverboard is best for teenagers because of the following amazing features:

Multilayer protection:

This hoverboard has multilayer protection which would release your stress about the safety of your teenager.

Fireproof Existence:

The fireproof exterior casting will keep the child safe and the product will never catch the fire.

Self-balance technology:

This hoverboard has the self-balance technology which would make the experience very memorable and pleasurable for teenagers.

Bluetooth-Enabled android:

In this hoverboard, you can use a Bluetooth enabled Android to check the speed and use the Hoverzone app and IOS mobile device to check the battery information.

Built-in Speaker:

The hoverboard has the built-in speakers which will enable them to enjoy music while riding on the hoverboard.

Carrying straps:

They are important for the safety and protection of the teenagers using the hoverboard.

  • It is lightweight
  • Speedy and comfortable.
  • Fireproof and protective.
  • It is not waterproof
  • There is less versatility in its looks.

Swagtron by Swagway T3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter:

This hoverboard is best for teenagers with the upgraded safety feature for that reason it will teach how the hoverboard is a fun ride.

Features of Swagtron by Swagway T3 Hands-Free Smart Balance Scooter:

This hoverboard has the following interesting features:

Bluetooth speaker:

Your child can enjoy an amazing ride by listening to music using the Bluetooth speakers.

Dual 300 Watt Motors:

The dual 300 Watt Motors will help your child to enjoy his ride at maximum speed. It can speed up t0 8 MPH, and it supports to 220lbs.

Bluetooth Speaker:

It has Bluetooth speaker, which the rider can easily sync with your phone to enjoy your ride. You can attach any music device to the Bluetooth speakers built directly in this hoverboard.

Swagtron Bluetooth APP:

Through your APP for IOS and Android, you can view your route history as well you can change your riding mode. The Swagtron Bluetooth APP would help you to check your battery life.

Smooth Drive:

The aluminum rubber wheels with non-slip foot pads make the ride best. It also has the carrying strap which ensures the safety of the driver.

Multi-features of the hoverboard:         

This is one of the best hoverboard for a teenager because of its multi-feature as it has the T3 LED turn signals, 3 riding modes, and has 5 level battery indicators.

  • Lightweight and best in speed.
  • Comfortable and affordable.
  • Problematic battery time.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter:

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter is certified on electrical safety standard so they are best hoverboards forteenagers.

Features of Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Self-Balancing Smart Scooter:

This hoverboard will attract the teenagers certainly for its best features.


This hoverboard can drive with speed of 8MPH up to 60 minutes as it has 350 Watt motors.

LED powered battery:

This hoverboard has LED powered battery indicator with cool-blue LED light bar; consequently, it will make the children ride easy at the night time.

Bluetooth speakers:

The Bluetooth speakers of this hoverboard are its unique feature as a result kid could enjoy their rugged, bigger and bolder ride.

350-watt dual motor:

The hoverboard runs using the power of 350-watt dual motor as it runs up to 11 miles at 8 MPH. it supports up to 220ibs before recharging.

  • It’s battery motor is quiet and efficient.
  • The LG powered battery is replaceable.
  • Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has EverBalance technology, which allows the well-maintained balance.
  • The battery power is longer.
  • It is quiet expensive hoverboard to buy.

Powerboard by HOVERBOARD – SAFE UL 2272 CERTIFIED, Blue

This is again one of the best hoverboards for teenagers probably for its best quality. Furthermore, it is UL 2272 certified so it is safe and productive. It will never catch the heat or fire like uncertified hoverboards.

Self-balancing technology:

This hoverboard is easy to ride because it has been manufactured using the highest standards of the manufacturer. It has built for longevity as it uses the dual-gyroscopic sensor technology.

Smooth Drive:

Another important feature of this lovely hoverboard is that it is extremely easy and fun to ride and enjoy, and it will make the rider happy. Even more, it can lift the weight up to 26.47 Ibs.

Long and Better Battery Timing:

It seems like this hoverboard has best battery timing as you can charge the battery up to 6 hours and enjoy its smooth ride unconditionally. The built-in safety limiter kicks would help you to keep your ride at best and safe speed.

This hoverboard is best and dynamic product as it will make your teenager happy and satisfy. Rather its powerful motor would make it move faster and safe.

  •  An automatic balancing scooter
  •  Most affordable self-balance scooter
  • It might lack in many features which are present in the expensive hoverboards.

Swagtron T1 Hands-Free Smart:

Another best hoverboard for teenagers is Swagtron T1 Hands-Free Smart with two wheel self-balancing technology. It has the following best and amazing features including:

Speed and Distance Cover:

You can cover the distance of 11 miles with 8 MPH speed with weight up to 220 Ibs.

Self-balancing technology:

The self-balancing technology will result in the balanced and safe journey. Further, it is UL 2272 certified because it has passed all the electrical safety tests.

LED powered products:

The LED powered batteries, indicators, as well as rubber bumpers headlight, would result in best for a smooth drive.

Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield:

This hoverboard has the Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield smart batter management system due to which kids can enjoy a safe ride. It is protected by providing multi-layered hover skate-board protection.

250 Watt Motor:

The 250 Watt motor is upgraded; therefore, it is best for tighter control and downhill traction.

  • It has a good battery management system which protects the battery from any damage.
  • This is the most comfortable self-balancing scooter.
  • It is lightweight and worthy to buy.
  • It can have a maximum battery timing of 2 hours.

MegaWheels Self-balancing Hoverboard Electric Scooter:

This hoverboard is another quality product for your teenage child. You can pay attention to this product if you want your kid to have a productive time.

UL 2272Certified

This hoverboard is UL2272 certified so it is safe and protected. You can buy this without any worries.

Bluetooth Speaker & IOS Mobile App:

It has built-in Bluetooth speakers, and certainly, it is amazing to enjoy music while riding the hoverboard.

Ergonomic hoverboard:

It is versatile and Ergonomic hoverboard which will give a smooth and pleasurable riding experience.

  • It is affordable and cheap.
  • It supports the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Its charging port is not durable as it can break.

 GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover board:

Another amazing hoverboard is GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO Hover board, and your teenage kid will enjoy riding it. I consider it one of the best hoverboard for teenage kids.

Dual Engine Motor:

It has dual engine motor with 1600 megawatt power. It is very efficient and powerful motor for a hoverboard.

Smooth and fast driving:

It will give your kid a smooth riding experience. He/she can drive it without any stress for miles.

Padded Knees:

The hoverboard has padded knees which provide great comfort and safety to the riders. The main stress parents could have is about falling down, and padded knees would definitely do some work for you.

  •  Lightweight hoverboard
  •  Powerful and durable
  •  Comfortable and convenient to ride
  • The tires are irreplaceable.

Teenagers will love to enjoy a ride on hoverboard on which they feel confident. The aforementioned hoverboards are best in their quality and service because they have been built-in for this specific purpose.

You should give a try to the aforementioned hoverboards if you want to give your teenager the best riding experience. These are tested and certified hoverboards with their own unique features each, and the manufacturers deliver quality services. You can order them online or go for some store, and they will deliver you within the estimated time within the desired quality. Your teenage kid is only a step behind from achieving and enjoying a good and quality time.

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