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Privacy policy defines how your confidential information will be protected at believes that protecting your information is our duty. In fact, it is our top priority to protect the information users provide at Privacy policies of are given below. In Privacy policy, “we”, “our”, “us” means

This privacy policy will tell you how we use your information, collect your information and how we protect it. Below stated privacy policy is applied to the information provided on this website (


When you use this website ( you agree to the terms and conditions described in the privacy policy.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: require some personal information when the user interacts with us in case of any query. The type of information requires depends on the type of interaction. However, we do not require any financial or confidential information from the clients. We may require name, email or contact details of the users when they fill the contact form

This information is needed to identify you and reply to your query within 24 hours. But we will not disclose your information to anyone.

Always remember we only collect the information you give us through the mail, or when you contact us through the website. In addition, we will not send your information to anyone. will not require any sensitive information from you. For example, Social Security Number, CNIC, Account number, date of birth. So, do not provide sensitive and confidential information. If you provide any sensitive information, you will do this at your own risk. We will not be responsible for this.


Non-personal information is collected by all the websites in different forms. It will not reveal your identity. Non-personal information includes:
Browser information
Information collected through cookies use non-personal information for internal research. It helps us to understand the interest and behavior of our customers. Non-Personal information is mostly collected by cookies.


Cookies are small files that contain data. They are stored on a computer website. access the cookies to remember your identity and your behavior. You can control your cookies. When you enter into, your browser will ask you that you allow the site to collect the cookies. You can also reject the site for collecting cookies. You can change your settings in the HELP section of the toolbar.


We store the information of our users in our database. Purpose of stored information is only to improve our website. If you want to permanently delete your information, contact us.

SECURITY: take care of their users. For protecting the information of our customers, we have designed a program. It includes a variety of processes and procedures to protect confidential information. However, no transmission program over the internet is 100% secure.


Note you can only control the data collected by cookies. In your browser settings, you can allow or disallow website to collect your cookies. But remember that disallowing cookies for all the site is not recommended. We recommend you to define cookie setting on a per-site basis.


We change our privacy policy from time to time. You can check the date at which privacy policy is revised. The date is given at the bottom of the page. We recommend you to check the privacy policy of the website. So, you will know what information is collected from you. And how we use this information.

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