Terms of services

By using thbesthoverboard.com you agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policies of this site. This section defines the obligations of (thebesthoverboard.com) towards the user and the user obligations towards the (thebesthoverboard.com) when they use the website.

By using this site and surfing the data over thebesthoverboard.com you agree to all the laws, rules and policies. If you do not agree then thebesthoverboard.com disallow you to access this site. Therefore, read the terms of services of this website before accessing the material of this site.

Assessing the site:

Thebesthoverboard.com allow the users to download material of the site for personal usage. However, you are not allowed to duplicate the site material and use it for commercial purpose. Nor you are allowed to sell the material to any other organization. In this case, thebesthoverboard.com have the right to terminate the license at any time. And the user is directed to permanently delete all the duplicates of the material.

The material of the site:

Thebesthoverboard.com contains the material related to the hoverboards. The material of the site may contain a typo, technical or any other errors. We may change the content and update it to provide the best user experience. However, we are not bound to notify you in case of any updating or change in material. Adding more to this, thebesthoverboard.com is linked back by many sites. The material on these sites is not under the control of thebesthoverboard.com.

User communication:

In case you make any comment, or upload anything on the site that is considered to be non-confidential. Moreover, we are not responsible to maintain the privacy of such content. The user is responsible for all the comments, uploads, and communication over the site. We are not bound to protect your communication over the site.


Thebesthoverboard.com is not responsible for any loss or damage occur due to the usage of material over the site. Moreover, the site does not require any personal or confidential information from the user. In case you provide any confidential information you are doing this at your own risk.

Linking sites:

Thebesthoverboard.com is linked to many sites. Truly stating, we have not reviewed all the sites that are linking to thebesthoverboard.com. Likewise, thebesthoverboard.com is not responsible for the material on the linking sites. If you use any such site that is linked to thebesthoverboard.com you are doing this at your own risk. Adding more to this, providing any type of information either personal or non-personal, has no link with thebesthoverboard.com. If you provide any information, you are responsible for it.

Modifications in the policies:

Thebesthoverboard.com change its terms and policies with the passage of time. You are highly recommended to check the policies and terms of services frequently to keep yourself updated. Moreover, thebesthoverboard.com is not bound to give notice to all the users regarding the updating in the terms of services and policies. If you are using this website you agree with the current terms of services.

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